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 Custom Travel Arrangements


We understand that there can be obstacles whenever anyone travels. We are unique in that we offer our clients support from the time they leave the airport until they return home to their departing airport. It is our belief that no traveler should ever be left stranded and should have access to support and resources when using a travel agent. 


Peace-of-mind is an invaluable asset that we treasure and thrive to provide to our customers. We work hard to ensure our travelers are given access to the travel insurances needed to protect their investment and reduce the risk of incurring expenses that can result when travel plans are changed due to unforeseen circumstances.


We’ll call the airlines for you, regardless of time of day or night, and we’ll do the “behind the scenes” legwork for you to do everything possible to ease transition onto your new flight. In our opinion, travelers have enough to worry about during times of airport delays and closures so this the time where they need help the most. During unforeseen travel events, we’ll help get you in touch with your travel insurance provider as well.


We have access to the world’s leading travel suppliers to ensure our clients receive competitive pricing and our affiliation with some of those same suppliers is a relationship we foster. When placing a quote with us just mention any supplier you prefer and we’ll be sure to check for and apply any qualified coupons or discounts offered by the preferred supplier of your choice.


What We Offer & What We Do

We offer personalized assistance as your travel arranger and will do our best to ensure you are informed and guided when traveling domestically or internationally


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Certified Travel Specialists in Destinations Around the World

dedicated to travel

We are certified specialists in destinations around the world and it is our goal to be an invaluable resource to clients no matter where they are traveling. If you need further assistance or more information about a particular destination, please fill out a quote request.

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vacation packages

We specialize in assembling vacation packages that include some of the most favored destinations around the world; including the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Europe and the United States. We also have options for Asia, Australia, Central and South America. We have the ability to bundle our clients preferred travel components into one complete package with pricing that offers great savings and value on flights, hotels, activities, and transportation.

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unique support

Before and after our client’s trip we’re there to pass along valuable information related to the travel industry of areas frequently traveled so that our travelers are properly informed of offers that can help save money when it’s time to travel for either business or pleasure. We are unique in that we provide the same level of support to corporate travelers to everyone

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